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China In Print

The catalogue spans 800 years of history and focuses on the early contacts between China and the West. It includes many great rarities, a number of which have appeared in the market only once in a generation, or even a lifetime, and have set new record prices whenever they have been offered for sale. Among numerous highlights are a Yuan Dynasty printing block for paper currency collected by the sinologist Paul Pelliot; early works on European travellers in the Far East,  including the third Spanish edition of Marco Polo’s account; rare printings made by the early Jesuits in China; important manuscripts of early 17th century works by the Jesuits Valignano and Rodrigues, both from the Sir Thomas Phillipps Collection; a large scale 1840s manuscript map of Hong Kong and the surrounding region; and a selection of scarce 19th century works on Chinese languages and dialects.

A price list can be found at the end of the catalogue.

Please note these books are priced in US Dollars.

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