Original Works

  • # 17134

    RIDER, Andrew (& Co.)

    Photograph of an oil painting of Strath Creek Falls, near Broadford, Victoria, circa 1880.

    Albumen print photograph of an oil painting, cabinet card format, 165 x 107 mm, recto of mount imprinted ‘Rider & Co., Williamstown’; verso with contemporary inscription in ink ‘Strath Creek Falls, Paintted [sic] By C. Brown / Near Broadford’; in fine condition. The picturesque Strath Creek Falls, which are located between Broadford and Yea, northeast of …

  • # 15826

    After JOHN LOCKWOOD KIPLING (1837-1911)

    The Lama

    [Australia? United Kingdom? : artist unknown : between 1901 and 1910]. Carving from teak wood (Tectona grandis) in high relief, 580 x 340 x 40 mm, set in its fully contemporary oak frame, 680 x 440 mm; the carving is unsigned, and the back of the frame is also sans label or inscription; the work …

  • # 16197

    SABIN, S.P.

    Sketch of coolies carrying twist, Hong Kong, circa 1900

    Graphite on artist’s paper, 137 x 206 mm (sheet), captioned by the artist in the upper margin ‘Hongkong Coolies carrying Twist’; scattered foxing; mounted on a section of a page removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, a P. & O. officer who served on various ships in the …

  • # 16202

    SABIN, S.P.

    Panoramic sketch of the southern anchorage, Tungyin Island, south of Shanghai, circa 1901

    Graphite on artist’s paper, 180 x 645 mm (sheet), folding to 180 x 215 mm, captioned and initialled at lower right ‘Southern Anchorage “Tungyung” / S.P.S.’; unmounted; original fold lines and some creasing; removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, a P. & O. officer who served on various …

  • # 16195

    SABIN, S.P.

    Sketch of Wusong, near Shanghai, circa 1900

    Graphite and wash on artist’s paper, 103 x 161 mm (sheet), captioned and initialled at lower right ‘Woosung S.P.S.’; mounted on a section of a page removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, a P. & O. officer who served on various ships in the Far East between 1900 …

  • # 16196

    SABIN, S.P.

    Sketch of a Malay village on stilts near Singapore, circa 1900

    Graphite and wash on artist’s paper, 140 x 240 mm (sheet), captioned and initialled at lower right ‘Near Singapore S.P.S.’; unmounted; pale foxing; removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, a P. & O. officer who served on various ships in the Far East between 1900 and 1908, including …

  • # 16194

    SABIN, S.P.

    Sketch of Hong Kong from the harbour, circa 1900

    Graphite and wash on artist’s paper, 155 x 270 mm (sheet), initialled at lower right ‘S.P.S.’; verso with artist’s pencilled caption ‘Hongkong’; unmounted; removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, a P. & O. officer who served on various ships in the Far East between 1900 and 1908, including …

  • # 14211

    [KHUBILAI KHAN, Emperor Chih-yüan]

    [CHINESE PRINTING] Printing block for paper money with an original value of 100 wen

    China, Yüan dynasty, reign of Khubilai Khan, circa 1287 C.E.. Stone, 210 x 135 x 22 mm, top edges bevelled (three sections skilfully rejoined); housed in a custom made cloth box lined with lambswool. An extraordinary item of early printing history that pre-dates by a century the earliest known instance of printing in the West, …

  • # 16621

    HARDING, Richard

    WOOF Series

    [Melbourne : the artist], 2012. Suite of eight individual pieces, inkjet prints with acrylic ink and flocked glitter on archival paper. Each signed and numbered by the artist verso. Created in an edition of 5, this is the complete set, numbered 5/5. In this series of artworks, Harding takes covers of the newspaper magazine Good Weekend …

  • # 16622

    NOLAN, Sidney Robert (1917-1992)

    An original drawing by Sidney Nolan.

    Coloured wax crayons on coated paper (sketch 304 x 254mm). Framed. Verso inscribed ‘6th October ’56, London’. An original sketch by Sidney Nolan with stylised script reading ‘ap’ or ‘ar’ in lowercase. By the mid 1950s, Nolan had settled permanently in London, where he created covers for the Australian issue of the London Magazine (1962), the …

  • # 13653

    GROSZ, George (1893-1959)

    Group of eight humorous buffet signs made for Erich and Lene Cohn, Grosz’s American art dealers

    [Between 1940 and 1945]. Tempera on card; various dimensions from 75 x 200 mm to 130 x 280 mm (irregular), four with illustrations; all in very good condition. The German Dada caricaturist and painter George Grosz spent much of his career in America, where he lived and worked between 1933 and 1958. This playful set …

  • # 16203

    SABIN, S.P.

    Panoramic sketch of SS Sobraon stranded on rocks near Tungyin Island, south of Shanghai, April 1901

    Graphite and wash on artist’s paper, 280 x 480 mm (sheet), folding to 280 x 240 mm, captioned at lower right ‘The SS Sobraon on the rocks, Tung Yung Id, [April] 1901’; unmounted; original central vertical fold, left and right edges roughened; removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, …

  • # 12826

    WARHOL, Andy (1928-1987); FRANKFURT, Suzie; WARHOLA, Júlia

    Wild Raspberries (presentation copy)

    New York : the artist, 1959. Folio (445 mm tall), original fuchsia papered boards (faded and paper lost at spine, as usual), title sheet, pp [42], consisting of 14 leaves with original watercolour, one double page with original watercolour, four illustrated leaves uncoloured and one sheet with text, interleaved with eight sheets of fuchsia tissue …

  • # 16882


    [COLD WAR] Anytown Civil Defence Corps : Help to shield your family : Join now!

    London : Floyd Studio, [between 1950 and 1960]. Original hand-stencilled and painted poster design, 750 x 510 mm, signed ‘Floyd’ at top right, stencilled across bottom margin ‘Copyright Floyd Studio London W.9. / CD 24’; unbacked and unmounted; closed tear at top left, and some water staining at left and right edges, top left corner, …

  • # 16416

    ARAGO, Jacques Etienne Victor (1790-1855)

    Original pencil drawing by Jacques Arago of a village in rural France.

    [France, 1830]. Graphite on paper, 175 x 235 mm; signed and dated at lower right, ‘J. Arago 1830’; in good condition, with tiny loss at top left corner and a few spots of foxing; verso with two old tape marks at top edge; unframed. Jacques Etienne Victor Arago (1790-1855) was a writer, artist and explorer who …

  • # 16148

    DELPIRE, Pierre.

    Original design for an advertisement for Bally shoes.

    Paris, 1955. Gouache on paper, sheet size 350 x 255 mm, signed by the artist at lower right; verso with wet stamp of the commercial artist: ‘Pierre Delpire, 67 rue de la Barre, Enghien-les-bains’; unmounted, in good condition. Bally is a Swiss luxury fashion company, founded as ‘Bally & Co’ in 1851 by Carl Franz …

  • # 16334


    “Treasure Trove”, found on fire and dismasted, by the Cape Mail ship “Celt”, off Sierra Leone, 1868

    Pen and ink and pencil on paper, sheet 200 x 320 mm, signed in ink at lower left W. Fleming, Passenger, and captioned in lower margin in the artist’s hand: “Treasure Trove” (iron ship) derelict, found on fire & dismasted, by the Cape Mail sp. “Celt” Captain Baynton, outward bound 23 Sep 1868 Lat 9. …

  • # 16201

    SABIN, S.P.

    Sketches of crew members of RMS Oriental, circa 1900

    Graphite and wash on artist’s paper, 210 x 270 mm (sheet), signed at centre ‘S.P. Sabin’ and initialled at botom right ‘S.P.S.’; and captioned by the artist in upper margin ‘P. & O. Beauties’ and below centre ‘The Ship’s bell’; unmounted; removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, a …

  • # 16199

    SABIN, S.P.

    Bird’s eye view of the Suez Canal

    Graphite and wash on artist’s paper, 212 x 115 mm (sheet), captioned and signed in the image at right ‘Bird’s eye view of the Suez Canal. S.P. Sabin’; mounted on a page removed from an album of sketches, watercolours and photographs compiled by S.P. Sabin, a P. & O. officer who served on various ships …

  • # 16198

    SABIN, S.P.

    Humorous sketch made on board RMS Oriental, off the coast of China, circa 1900.

    Graphite and wash on artist’s paper, 200 x 175 mm (sheet), initialled in pencil lower right ‘S.P.S.’ and captioned by the artist in the lower margin ‘Captain Vibert & his Siamese cats during a volcanic disturbance under the sea off the coast of China’; mounted on a page removed from an album of sketches, watercolours …

  • # 16183

    Artist unknown

    Cunard liner Lusitania, torpedoed by Germans without warning May 7th 1915, 1441 lives lost, during the Great War.

    [Title from caption in the image]. [U.K. : artist unknown, 1915]. Reverse painted print on glass tile with applied mother-of-pearl shell, 178 x 178 mm, unframed; in good condition with no cracks in the glass or major blemishes, a small amount of paint loss confined to the edges. This anonymous work commemorates the infamous sinking …

  • # 16159

    SABIN, S.P.

    [SECOND ANGLO-BOER WAR] Original satirical drawing lampooning Kruger, depicting the Boer leader being humiliated by a British Tommy.

    [At sea, HMHS “Nubia”, circa 1901]. Watercolour and pencil on paper, sheet 127 x 103 mm, signed in the image lower right ‘S.P. Sabin’, the artist’s pencilled caption in the bottom margin: ‘”Lend me your ear,” the Briton said / “You’ve threatened me now have you meant it?” / And Kruger kindly bowed his head, …

  • # 15833

    LETI, Bruno


    2016. Oil on linen (two canvasses mounted together), 410 x 357 mm, framed, artist’s intials at lower right; signed in full by the artist on reverse, with date and title.  

  • # 15937

    DELAUNAY, Sonia (1885-1979)

    Original design by Sonia Delaunay

    Pen on paper, 90 x 75 mm, sheet 240 x 175 mm, initialled by the artist lower right and inscribed by her above the work ‘A Monsieur et Madame Jacob Baal Teshuva. Sonia Delaunay, Paris 20-12-69’; laid down on archival board. Delaunay’s sketched design, in the form of a monogram representing her initials ‘S D’, …

  • # 16051

    DYSON, Will (1880 - 1938)

    Psyching the Sphinx … or The Secret Revealed

    Etching, circa 1929 – 30, measuring 200 x 250 mm, signed lower right, captioned centre, framed. A rare Dyson etching, of which we can locate only two other copies, in the National Gallery of Australia and the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, both with an alternate title ‘The sweating Sphinx, or The Secret Revealed” and additional …

  • # 16023


    A group of humorous sketches by an Australian soldier, 1939-45.

    Pen and wash on faint-ruled paper, occupying 7 sides of 4 sheets removed from a notebook, with the artist’s captions in pen; a well-preserved group. The sketches depict scenes from the life of an Aussie soldier during military training.

  • # 15988

    WHEELER, Dorothy M. (1891 - 1966)

    Endpaper illustration from the publication English Nursery Rhymes, 1916

    Ink and watercolour, 155 by 580mm., signed lower right, mounted, framed and glazed “In 1916 A. & C. Black published a music book of English Nursery Rhymes, selected and edited by L. Edna Walter. Harmonies were by Lucy E. Broadwood and the illustrations were by Dorothy M. Wheeler. Wheeler (1891-1966) was a fine watercolourist who started her career …

  • # 15816

    Artist unknown

    “Cedar Lodge”, Ipswich, Queensland; the residence of Abraham Fitzgibbon, first Commissioner and Chief Engineer of the Queensland Railways.

    Circa 1865. Watercolour and pencil on paper, 150 x 210 mm, an unmounted leaf from a sketchbook; unsigned; verso inscribed in ink in a nineteenth century hand ‘The Birthplace of Florence Isabelle Fitz-Gibbon, Cedar Lodge, Ipswich, Queensland’; also inscribed, in the same hand, ‘Returned to our dear Belle’; in fine condition, the tiny crease at top …

  • # 15429


    [NEW ZEALAND] Sketches made by a passenger on board the ship Cape Finisterre, London to Lyttleton, 1878-79

    The emigrant ship Cape Finisterre sailed from London in December 1878, and arrived at Lyttelton, New Zealand, on 31 March 1879. One of the passengers on board was James J. Ledger, whose hand-illustrated manuscript journal In Search of a Home at the Antipodes documents his voyage experience. Ledger’s important journal is now held in the collection of the …

  • # 15944

    FRIEND, Donald (1915-1989)

    Donald Friend : autograph letter signed, including an original pen sketch, dated 1973

    Manuscript in pen, headed Batudjimbar 21 Aug 73, a holograph note in the hand of the artist Donald Friend, addressed to Ernest [Berkelouw], a covering note regarding a group of fifty sketches which Friend has sent to Berkelouw to show a potential publisher, detailing Friend’s financial expectations in the event of a publishing deal being …

  • # 15802

    WYATT, William (1838-1872)

    Somewhere in the Hills

    [South Australia], 1862. Title from artist’s caption. Ink wash on wove paper, 90 x 160 mm; signed and dated lower right ‘Wm. Wyatt J[unior] d[epinxit]. 1862.’; in good condition, with a tiny spot of restoration to the outline of the hill at upper left; mounted in a recent glazed timber frame. William Wyatt, sketcher, watercolourist and lithographer, was …

  • # 15804

    O'GRADY, Frederick Standish, 6th Viscount Guillamore (1847-1927)

    [NEW ZEALAND] Commonplace album of Frederick Standish O’Grady, 6th Viscount Guillamore, 1860s – circa 1900.

    A fascinating treasure trove that constitutes a time capsule of four decades –  one of them spent in New Zealand – in the life of an Irish aristocrat of the late nineteenth century. Nineteenth century commonplace album. Folio, original marbled papered boards (heavily worn, lacking most of the leather backstrip), containing 160 pages completely filled with original manuscript material, ink …

  • # 15801

    WYATT, William (1838-1872)

    Natives Encamped

    [South Australia], 1862. Title from artist’s caption. Ink wash on wove paper, 80 x 180 mm; initialled and dated lower right ‘W.W. 62’; in fine condition, mounted in a recent glazed timber frame. William Wyatt, sketcher, watercolourist and lithographer, was born in the Colony of South Australia in 1838, the son of William Wyatt (Senior), surgeon, …

  • # 15436

    GIBSON, Andrew Lucian (Scotland, 1796 - "Tirranna", near Goulburn, 1840)

    Sketches made during the Napoleonic Wars and later (c.1815-1821), by military surgeon Dr. Andrew Gibson, founder of Tirranna station near Goulburn, New South Wales

    Nine leaves removed from a small early nineteenth century sketchbook, trimmed to various dimensions up to 160 x 100 mm, eight with watercolour and pencil vignettes and manuscript captions in ink, one with manuscript bearing the artist’s name, ‘Andrew Lucian Gibson’, laid down on a later nineteenth century backing sheet, 380 x 320 mm; in very good condition, with some mild …

  • # 15795

    FORREST, Charles, Lieutenant (1809-1874)

    Pencil drawing depicting a scene on the Yarra, Melbourne, circa 1870

    Leaf from an artist’s sketchbook, 230 x 285 mm, unsigned; in fine condition, in an archival mat; verso of leaf with an unfinished pencil sketch by the same artist, depicting early settlers and wooden dwellings in the Australian bush; affixed to the back of the mat is the following typed declaration by a descendant of the artist, …

  • # 15297

    Artist unknown [after ANGAS, George French; HAINSSELIN, Henry]

    Four early watercolour portraits of Australian Aborigines after lithographs by George French Angas and Henry Hainsselin.

    [Australia? : c.1846]. Four individual watercolour head-and-shoulder portraits, each approximately 110 x 90 mm, on sheet 400 x 325 mm, paper watermarked J. Whatman Turkey Mill 1846; the artist’s captions in pencil beneath each portrait read (anti-clockwise from top right): Kertamaroo / King John; Mocata (his wife); Native of Gipps Land, Victoria; Yonki Yonka, Native of Western …

  • # 11465

    DELAUNAY, Sonia (1885-1979)

    [SONIA DELAUNAY] Trial design in gouache for the cover of Robes poèmes.

    Gouache on artist’s board, dimensions 320 x 257 mm; verso with a second design (uncompleted); [together with] Sonia Delaunay. Robes poèmes. [Also titled]. Sonia Delaunay 27 tableaux vivants. Paris : Jacques Damase, 1969. Quarto (285 x 195 mm), blue cloth boards with design by Delaunay, in concertina format with 27 full page pochoir illustrations after original designs …

  • # 15780

    OGDEN, Denis

    Original collage design for an advertisement for Carlton & United Breweries Ltd, Melbourne

    Original collage of carefully cut-out coloured papers, 595 x 397 mm, titled lower centre ‘Carlton & United Breweries Ltd / Melbourne Victoria Australia’, signed in pencil lower right ‘Dennis Ogden 83’. A stunning modernist design, of two young men enjoying a beverage on St Kilda Pier, Melbourne, with the historic kiosk (sadly now burnt down …

  • # 15401

    WOOD, Rex (1906-1970)

    Portrait of a young woman

    [Adelaide : probably between 1930 and 1935]. Watercolour and gouache on paper, sheet 280 x 190 mm, signed lower right ‘Rex Wood’; laid down on original board mount, removed from a frame at some point; in very good condition. Rex Wood was born in Laura, in the Mid North of South Australia in 1906, and …

  • # 15397

    YORKE, Philip

    [EXTRA-ILLUSTRATED BOOK] The royal tribes of Wales

    Wrexham : John Painter, 1799. First edition. Quarto, full calf by J. Gill of Penhryn, elaborately tooled in blind and gilt, contrasting morocco title label, marbled endpapers, armorial bookplate for John Hughes (1810-1871) to front pastedown, pp 192, the twelve engraved plates replaced by twelve magnificent original paintings heightened with gold of the royal arms …

  • # 15956


    Original pen drawing of Sir Thomas Lipton’s America’s Cup challenger, the yacht Shamrock, 1899

    Ink on thin card, 200 x 240 mm (image), 210 x 270 mm (sheet), unframed, calligraphic title at the head Trial of the Shamrock, with three views of the Shamrock racing, a vignette portrait of the owner, Sir Thomas J. Lipton at upper left, a group of spectators at lower left, and a crest emblazoned with …

  • # 15919


    Craven Hall, North West View

    [United Kingdom? : between 1800 and 1850]. Ink on thick paper, 360 x 510 mm, with depiction of a building (precise location unknown) captioned Craven Hall, North West View at upper left; the central portion of the sheet with detailed plan of adjoining lands; and at lower left a key to the plan, headed Contents, indicating …

  • # 14719


    [MELBOURNE] Besses Banquet, Vienna Café, 20 July 1911.

    Pen and ink illustration and calligraphy with onlaid silver gelatin photograph, on thin card, 420 x 200 mm (sheet); a few light marks around the upper edges, otherwise fine condition. A significant piece of ephemera from one of Melbourne's most famous dining establishments of the 1890s and early 1900s, the Vienna Café, which occupied the …

  • # 14519

    Anon. [EDGELL, John, Trowbridge, Wiltshire 1813 - Sugarloaf Creek, Victoria, 1848]

    Silhouette of Port Phillip squatter John Edgell of Mount Piper Station

    [United Kingdom, 1841]. Silhouette of John Edgell. Watercolour and ink on paper, 265 x 165 mm, unsigned but dated in pencil lower left '24 April 1841'; [together with] Silhouette of Clara Edgell. Watercolour and ink on paper, 180 x 140 mm, unsigned; both portraits are mounted behind glass in later gilded plaster frames.  The 26,000 …

  • # 14510

    BLACKMAN, Charles (1928 - )

    [Moonlight Bathers : Bondi Beach] 1967

    Conte on paper. 540 x 735 mm. Signed and dated lower left. Framed. A fine large format original Charles Blackman work on paper. In 1967 Blackman was living in Sydney where he created a number of works relating to Bondi Beach. A related work 'The blue waves triptych : Bondi Bathers' is held in the …

  • # 14331


    Aftermath of the explosion of the Mainz powder magazine, 18 November 1857 : three published sketches

    Three original sketches for wood engravings published in the Illustrated London News; charcoal and chalk on paper, on individual sheets, 185 x 270 mm; 158 x 240 mm; 160 x 245 mm; each sketch is captioned beneath the image but not signed; versos with descriptions by the artist of each scene; original fold lines; small …

  • # 14271

    "Charles S. B."

    School house & church, Mordialloc … 1876

    [Title from artist's inscription]. Pencil sketch on leaf of paper from a notebook, 93 x 133 mm (sheet), 60 x 100 (image); inscribed by the artist in ink below image 'School house & church, Mordialloc, from Nature, Chas. S. B. 1876'; heavily foxed. This sketch by an amateur artist depicts St. John's Anglican Church, the …

  • # 14135

    LEPAPE, Georges (1887-1971)

    Untitled [Girl in a reading library]. Original watercolour by Georges Lepape

    [France : circa 1925]. Watercolour on paper, 170 x 170 mm, signed in full by the artist at lower right; matted and framed.  An original untitled work by the great Art Déco commercial artist Georges Lepape.  Lepape was trained at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris. In 1910 he began his long association with the haute …

  • # 14015

    GILFILLAN, John Gordon (1839-1875), attributed

    Five wood engravings of the first Lamb Hill homestead, Warrengate, Whanganui district, circa 1865

    1. Title: Lamb Hill [in the image] From the south west [manuscript]. Image 150 x 190 mm; sheet 175 x 225 mm; initialled in the image lower right JGG. 2. Title: Lambhill [in manuscript]. Artist’s proof of the above engraving. Image 130 x 180 mm; sheet 150 x 180 mm; uninitialled; verso with pen and ink sketch of two Whanganui settlers …

  • # 13743

    LARRY, Edward W., pseud.; [BARBIER, George, 1882-1932]

    ‘Il neige’

    Watercolour on paper, 314 x 230 mm, signed and dated lower left 'Edward W. Larry 1909', framed; in fine condition. George Barbier is regarded as one of the greatest French illustrators of the early twentieth century. His rich, flamboyant style was perfectly suited to theatre and ballet costume design and to haute couture fashion illustration. He …