# 25508

Hashimoto, Tetsu

萬國興地 [Bankoku Yochi]

$1,250.00 AUD

A copperplate Japanese map and gazetteer of the world, designed in the shape of a fan.

[Japan : publisher not identified, early to mid-Meiji period (1870-1890s)].

Copperplate engraving, 250 x 510 mm (irregular), very small worm hole not affecting text or image, a fine example, mounted to a backing sheet.

A copperplate engraved Japanese guide foreign countries, designed in the shape of a fan, with a world map in two hemispheres. The engraving includes detail of distances from Nagasaki to foreign countries such as France, Britain, Portugal, Manchuria, and Korea, the distances from London to various capital cities around the world, the height of world mountain ranges and length of rivers, etc. At the top of the print is a finely engraved decorative title piece featuring two dragons. The delicately engraved map feature the equator and lines of latitude and longitude and show inaccuracies typical of maps published in Meiji-period Japan. A skilfully printed chart of travel information about foreign countries.