# 31105


12 Inch Terrestrial Globe

$3,500.00 AUD

Edinburgh : W. & A. K. Johnston [under license to A. J. Nystrom & Co., Chicago], 1929. Chromolithographed paper gores over paper mache base, 12 inches in diameter, isothermal current lines, equatorial, longitudinal and latitudinal lines, international date line, two polar calottes, standing in bronzed cast iron meridian with sympathetic facsimile calendrical paper horizon ring, laid on wood, tripod stand with clawed feet. In fine condition.

A charming and most attractive table globe from the interwar period, printed in Scotland and sold in America, with a good amount of geographical detail. Of Australian interest is the division of the Northern Territory into two territories – North Australia and Central Australia – a short-lived separation from 1927 to 1931.