# 26779

Weber and Costello Co.

A rare matching pair of 18 inch terrestrial and celestial globes

$45,000.00 AUD

Chicago, Illinois : Weber Costello, 1909. Each globe measuring 18 inches (46cm) in diameter, 45 inches (115 cm) tall; in bronzed cast iron meridian and stand, with calendrical paper horizon ring, laid on wood; with an analemma and two polar calottes. Standing in bronzed cast iron tripod stand with glass roller feet, with flower and ribbon decoration. Accompanied by the original 58 page manual (Globe Manual for use with stand and suspension globes).

A magnificent, matching pair of large scale floor globes, in fine condition. Pairs of eighteen inch globes are rare.

‘C. F. Weber & Co. purchased the globe business of A. H. Andrews & Co. in 1896. The firm became Weber Costello Frick Co. in 1902 and Weber Costello in 1909. The firm boasted in 1922: “The manufacture of globes requires skilled, experienced workmen, and the most accurate machinery. We have for this work the largest and best appointed establishment in the world. We have had forty-one years’ experience in globe manufacture. There are no globes made anywhere, by anyone, that equal our product.” The firm went to say that their globe maps were “made by the greatest map makers in the world, G. W. Bacon & Co., London, England, and W. & A. K. Johnston, Edinburg, Scotland.”’ – Smithsonian website https://www.si.edu/object/nmah_1064643

Another example is held in the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.