# 21043

An archive of over 1500 greeting cards from the 1950s

$1,250.00 AUD

[Australia, between 1950 and 1960]. Three very large Conquest binders (each 39 x 44cm and very thick), bound in roan and aluminium edged, being sample books containing over 1500 printed greeting cards, each pasted in to sheets in the binders, annotated in pen with stock numbers and prices per dozen, the labels in the front of the binders dated 1954. Some old offsetting and slight damp marks but overall very good.

An extraordinary and comprehensive collection of gift cards, greeting cards, birthday cards, with sympathy cards, congratulatory cards and other forms of cards, all dating to the 1950s and displaying the wide range of artistic styles of the day, including formal and traditional designs, modernist designs, humorous and witty cards, saucy and naughty cards, sporting and hobby designs, birthday themes of different ages and so on. An unique pictorial and ephemeral record of 1950s social engagement.

Sourced from the collection of a prominent Melbourne newsagent active in the 1950s.

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