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A near complete run of twenty-nine Deutscher Fine Art  exhibition catalogues.  Melbourne, September 1978 – September 1997. Quarto or large octavo, illustrated wrappers, colour and black and white illustrations, some price lists included.

The Melbourne art dealer Chris Deutsher (without the “c“) remains one of the pre-eminent authorities on nineteenth and twentieth century Australian art. These exhibition catalogues, an invaluable resource for institutions and collectors alike, contain a wealth of important reference material on major historical and contemporary Australian art works which passed through his gallery over two glorious decades at the close of the twentieth century. During this period, the scope and quality of the Australian art which Deutsher sold was rivalled perhaps only by Sotheby’s. In addition to these significant group exhibitions of historical paintings, Deutscher Fine Art also exhibited a series of solo exhibitions by contemporary artists.

The collection includes:

  1. 1978. September-November. Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Australian Paintings.
  2. 1980. April-May. Australian Colonial Art.
  3. 1980. September – October. 30 Australian Paintings.
  4. 1980. November. Australian Art 1820-1920.
  5. 1981. May. A Selection of Australian and European Paintings 1820-1920.
  6. 1981. October-November. Colonial and Impressionist Paintings.
  7. 1982. March-April. Australian Colonial and Impressionist Paintings.
  8. 1982. July. Colonial and Impressionist Paintings
  9. 1982. October – November. Australian Paintings 1850 – 1950.
  10. 1983. October-November. Australian Paintings: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century.
  11. 1984. April. Australian Paintings: Colonial/Contemporary.
  12. 1984. October-November. Australian Paintings: Colonial, Impressionist, Early Modern.
  13. 1985. April. Australian Art: Colonial to Modern.
  14. 1985. October-November. Australian Art: Colonial to Modern.
  15. 1986. April. Australian Art: Colonial to Modern.
  16. 1986. September. Australian Art: Colonial to Modern.
  17. 1987. November-December. Australia and Australia-related Art: 1830-1970s.
  18. 1988. May-June. Australian Art: 1820s-1980s.
  19. 1988. November-December. Australian Art: 1790s-1970s.
  20. 1989. May-June. A Selection of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Australian Art.
  21. 1989. November-December. A Selection of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Australian Art.
  22. 1990. April-May. Selected Australian Impressionist Paintings.
  23. 1992. Selected Australian Art : Colonial to Modern
  24. 1992. October. A Selection of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Australian Art.
  25. 1993. A century of Australian women artists, 1840s-1940s
  26. 1996. August. Australian Art: Colonial to Contemporary, 1780s-1990s.
  27. 1997. May. Selected Australian Art. Colonial to Modern.
  28. 1997. May-June. Great Australian Paintings from Melbourne Private Collections.
  29. 1997. September. Modern Australian Painting. 1920s-1980s.