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HALES, Geoffrey (Australian, 1948- )

[BALLET] Sun Music, The Australian Ballet, 1968 #2

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Digital print on Epson archival matte paper, format Super A3 330 x 480 mm, scanned from the original negative, signed and captioned in lower margin by the photographer, Geoffrey Hales.

A stunning shot of the Australian Ballet’s Kelvin Coe in the landmark Australian work, Sun Music.

‘Robert Helpmann’s Sun Music premiered in Sydney on 2 August 1968 at Her Majesty’s Theatre. With a score by Peter Sculthorpe and designs by Kenneth Rowell, the work was danced by artists of the Australian Ballet led by Karl Welander, Kelvin Coe and Josephine Jason’. (National Library of Australia, NLAdance).

Melbourne-born Geoffrey Hales is a musician, composer, artist and photographer who worked with the Australian Ballet in 1967-68. An archive of digital prints of Geoffrey Hales’ photographs taken during this period – a period many regard as a golden age of Australian ballet – are held in the collection of the Arts Centre Melbourne, Performing Arts Collection. His work from this period also featured in the Arts Centre Melbourne and Australian Ballet’s touring exhibition Time in Motion : 50 years of the Australian Ballet, which was exhibited at the State Library of New South Wales, 10 Nov 2012 – 10 Feb 2013 (see: http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/events/exhibitions/2012/timeinmotion/items/image04.html ).