# 37709

LIVESEY, H. G. (attributed)

Bird’s-eye view of Herberton, North Queensland, circa 1885.

$400.00 AUD

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Albumen print photograph, 190 x 245 mm; verso with pencilled inscription by the photographer: ‘Herberton.’; a strong print with good tonal range; slight fading at edges, some wrinkling, and a very short tear at bottom edge, but overall in good condition (unmounted).

We have attributed this rare mid-1880s view of the Herberton township to local Herberton photographer H. G. Livesey, for three reasons: 1. it was sourced together with a photograph of nearby Irvinebank with Livesey’s pencilled caption and signature on the back; 2. the pencilled caption on the back of this photograph is in the same hand as that on the Irvinebank photograph; 3. the two albumen prints share an identical format and tonal quality.

No other example traced.