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[BOARD GAME] Race round Australia

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[Collingwood, Vic. : G.N. Raymond, c.1945]. Folding game board, 410 x 480 mm (opened), 410 x 240 mm (closed), with a colourful and attractive design based around a map of Australia with vignette illustrations of native fauna; short paper split at end of main fold; the outer side has a pictorial title onlay to the front; the board is very slightly bowed and is lightly marked on the outer side; a good example, though lacking the rare rules sheet (an image of which has been provided for reference purposes).

An educational board game designed by the talented Melburnian Jessie Mackintosh, who was also the creator of another beautiful board game, Corroboree.

Race round Australia teaches children about Australian native animals and birds. Players start the race in Adelaide, with the first to reach Darwin the winner.

Examples are held in the collections of the Powerhouse Museum, State Library of Victoria, National Library of Australia, and Monash University Library.