# 27443

SCHLESINGER, Kyle and Hannah King (eds); RAWORTH, Tom; DWORKIN, Craig; BERKSON, Bill; LASKY, Dorothea, et al (poets)


$220.00 AUD

New York : Cuneiform Press, 2009. Laminated card box (360 x 120 x 20 mm) with black lettered title to top of lid and printed title “sticker” onlaid to side, containing 12 loose sheets in the form of poet-designed and signed bumperstickers (355 x 114 mm format) by different poets, plus a title sheet with imprint verso, and plain brown card dividers; complete example in fine condition.

Contributors for this project were David Abel, Bill Berkson, Johanna Drucker, Craig Dworkin, Michael Gizzi, Michael Gottlieb, Ted Greenwald, Dorothea Lasky, Hoa Nguyen, Tom Raworth, Kit Robinson, and Carolee Schneemann. Each bumpersticker is signed by its artist. No indication is given of the number of the edition.