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WOOL, Christopher, b. 1955

Christopher Wool : Yard

$175.00 AUD

Berlin : Holzwarth Publications, 2018. Folio, gatefold card wrappers, pp. 184, 92 duotone illustrations, signed and dated 2018.

‘In this artist’s book from 2018, Christopher Wool layers photos of backyard debris and dusty roads, of Texan wilderness and found situations rife with allusions to sculpture. Two realities invade each other, and their overlapping actualities collapse into an artistic reality beyond the moment caught by the artist’s camera. Thus the pictures are imbued with the history of their own making and filled with a vibrant sound close to that of Wool’s black-and-white paintings.’ – the publisher

Born in Boston in 1955, Christopher Wool is widely considered to be the most influential Post-conceptual visual artist of the twentieth century. Retrospectives of the work of Christopher Wool have been held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Guggenheim Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago and numerous other major institutions.