# 14163

Diaz, Domingo [Sacred Congregation of the Propaganda Fide]

Die 23 Novembris 1688 fuit Congregatio particularis super rebus Sinnarum, in qua interfuerunt Eminentissimi ac Reverendissimi D. D. Cardinales Otthobonus, Azzolinus, de Alteriis, Columna, Casanate, et de Nortfolch, et propositis, ac examinatis motivis deductis per P. Albarum de Venavente … …

Manila : August 25, 1690. Single folio leaf, 312 x 215 mm, printed recto and verso, on rice paper; cross at head of text; short tear at bottom margin, a couple of small repairs, else fine.

An apparently unrecorded Manila imprint which officially announces and authenticates two decrees of the Propaganda Fide issued in response to a memorial presented by Augustinian procurator Father Álvaro Benavente, in his role as representative of the Augustinian, Dominican and Franciscan orders in the Philippines. Written by Domingo Diaz, apostolic notary, it records that the decrees were ratified by the Council of the Indies on 27 June 1689, having been submitted by the Propaganda Fide after a special hearing on 23 November 1688. The first half of the document is in Latin, the second in Spanish. The decrees specified the manner in which relations between regulars of the various orders in the Philippines and China were to be understood.

Augustinian missionary Father Álvaro de Benavente Pineda (Valladolid, 1647 – Macao, 1709) first arrived in the Philippines in 1668. Between 1671 and 1677 he served in the province of Pampanga, first in the town of Nueva México and later in the larger centre of Bacolor. In 1680, after several years in Manila, he led the first group of Augustinian missionaries to China, where he spent six years. In 1687 he was brought back to Europe, where he acted as procurator for the Augustinian missionaries in Rome and Madrid. Returning to the Philippines for a second time, he was appointed provincial of Pampanga, and then served as the provincial in Manila (1695-98). During a second posting in Bacolor, the gifted linguist produced his important grammar Arte de lengua Pampanga (1699). In January 1700 Benavente left the Philippines and travelled to China to take up his appointment as Apostolic Vicar of Kiangsi and titular Bishop of Ascalon. Like most Augustinians, Benavente took the side of the Jesuits in the Chinese Rites controversy, and adopted their accommodation approach.

Jose, Impreso, 251; Bernardo 748. Not in Medina, Retana, Palau or Pardo de Tavera.