# 21842

LANE, N[icholas]

[COOK] A new globe of the earth

  • Sold

[London] : N. Lane, 1776. Terrestrial pocket globe, 2 ¾ inches in diameter, engraved gores with original hand colour over papier mache and plaster sphere, expertly conserved and waxed, in the original publisher’s shagreen case (no longer a perfect fit), with engraved gores of celestial maps, the lips coloured red, original metal hinge and two hook and eye clasps. A fine example of a rare pocket globe, depicting the tracks of Cook’s first voyage (1768 – 1771) and the circumnavigation of Anson (1740 – 1744).

Little is known about London globemaker Nicholas Lane; however, this globe, engraved by Prockter and dated 1776, is probably the earliest with which his name can be associated.

The celestial gores were acquired from earlier British globemaker Richard Cushee (see Sumira), however the terrestrial gores were newly engraved to show the recent expedition of James Cook into the Pacific. In 1779, the globe was updated to show Owyhee where Cook’s death is noted, as well as revision of the Bering Strait. The globe was further updated by Lane’s son Thomas in the early nineteenth century and sold into the 1830s.

A single example recorded in Australian collections (National Library of Australia)

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