# 22215

Newton Family

[COOK]. Newton & Berry’s new terrestrial globe 1831.

$8,500.00 AUD

[London] : Newton & Berry, 1831. Terrestrial pocket globe, 1.5 inches (39 mm) in diameter, engraved gores with original hand colour over papier-mâché and plaster sphere, the surface in fine order with a recent shellac applied for protection, two metal pins resting the globe in the original turned mahogany case with fitted lid; a very fine example, sitting cleanly within its case.

An attractive pocket globe, the smallest manufactured by this firm and one of the rarest, showing Cook’s third voyage.

John Newton (1759-1844) was the founder of a firm of London globe makers. Established in the 1780s, it continued on, with the involvement of Newton’s sons, throughout the nineteenth century. Miles Berry (c.1803-1843) also joined the firm, and globes manufactured between 1831 and 1841 bear the imprint Newton & Berry or Newton, Son and Berry.

This small terrestrial globe shows the track of Cook’s third voyage of 1776-80, with its return to England under the commands of Clerke and Gore. New Holland is shown separated from Van Diemen’s Land; Port Jackson and Botany Bay are marked.

Held: Bibliothèque nationale de France; British Library; Yale University Library

Reference: Sumira, Sylvia. The art and history of globes (London : The British Library, 2014), pp. 188-89, illustrated.