# 22212


Copper one penny token for W.D. Wood, Montpellier Retreat Inn, Hobart Town, 1854.

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Hobart Town : W.D. Wood, [c.1854]. Æ penny, diameter 34 mm, weight 17.7 grams. Obverse: Legend in seven lines, ONE PENNY TOKEN / PAYABLE / ON DEMAND HERE / MONTPELLIER RETREAT / INN / HOBART TOWN / W.D. WOOD; Reverse: Corner view of hotel with flag-pole and trees behind; above, MONTPELLIER RETREAT INN; below, W.D. WOOD; a good example with lustrous patina, a few spots of verdigris.

The Hobart Town wine and spirit merchant W.D. Wood issued two types of penny tokens and one halfpenny denomination token. This example is probably the earlier and slightly heavier of the two penny types, the other of which is dated 1855.

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