# 22556

[SCHUTZ, Friedrich G.]

Darstellung der fünf Welttheile durch Zufammensetzung in eine Kugelaehnliche Gestalt, zur leichteren Vorstellung und Gebrauch beim geographischen Unterricht in Schulen über die Beschaffenheit & Eintheilung der Erde

$7,500.00 AUD

Stuttgart : Friedrich G. Schutz, circa 1820. Collapsible globe in 6 gores, engraved with hand colouring, laid down on thin card, each gore 175 x 66 mm (irregular), in fine condition with vivid original colour; Australia with P. Nuyts Land, De Witsland, Eintrachts Land, Arnheims Land, Van Diemensland, Carpenteria and Basses Strasse all marked; the gores attached to one another with the original tape strips at each side, original drawstrings at top and bottom of each gore (one detached); folding flat within its octavo size casing, marbled paper wrappers (lightly marked, edges worn), with three card flaps containing text on the continents (including Australien), and a double page illustrated with hand-coloured diagrams, a folding leporello style lithographed panorama of fifteen inhabitants from the five continents, including three from Oceania: Freundschaftsinsulaner; Neuhollander and Van Diemenslander. The ‘New Hollander’ is styled on a subject from Western Australia but is depicted holding a bow and arrow. One of the flaps has a lithographed illustration titled Künstlicher Erd-Globus which is a composite of people from the five continents including, somewhat surprisingly, a vignette portrait of Benjamin Franklin.

A beautiful and delicate pedagogical collapsible globe, remarkably well preserved and with its original folding ethnographic portraits and publisher’s case.

OCLC locates only one example (Württembergische Landesbibliothek)