# 37490

GORUS, John T.

Four young siblings. Sydney, New South Wales, late 1860s.

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Four albumen print photographs in carte de visite format, 102 x 63 mm (mounts), all with the identical back mark of ‘John T. Gorus, Photographer, 101 King Street, Sydney’; the quartet are in very good condition.

These four portraits were sourced together; the young sitters are members of the same family. The portraits were likely taken during the same visit to the Gorus studio in the centre of Sydney, at some point towards the end of the 1860s. When viewed side-by-side, they give an interesting insight into how a photographer of the time might subtly re-arrange the studio props for each sitter: clearly, there were many permutations afforded by two types of chair, a secretaire and a drape!

John Tangelder Gorus was born in Holland and arrived in Australia in 1854. He worked as a professional photographer at Sofala on the New South Wales goldfields before moving to Sydney, where he was in partnership with Henry Hunt during the early 1860s. In 1864 he opened his own studio at 101 King Street, which was to remain his business premises up until 1879.