# 3564

TATTERSALL'S [ADAMS, George, 1839-1904]

[HORSE RACING] Tattersall’s 5/- sweepstake ticket, Metropolitan Stakes, 1899.

$20.00 AUD

Tattersall’s Monster Cash Prize Consultation on the Metropolitan Stakes, run at Randwick, N.S.W., September 12, 1899. Hobart : Tattersall’s, 1899. Unused 5/- sweep ticket printed in black ink on green paper, 115 x 130 mm, original mailing fold, a minor crease at upper edge of fold, otherwise clean and complete.

The entrepreneur George Adams had founded the famous Tattersall’s sweepstake in Sydney in 1881, running a mail-delivered sweep on the Sydney Cup for that year. After the New South Wales Government passed a law prohibiting the mail delivery of lottery tickets in 1892, Adams moved his base of operations to Queensland. Government legislation soon forced his business to close down there as well, and in 1895 he relocated to Hobart, where a tolerant State Government allowed his gambling model to flourish without legal restrictions. Following Adams’ death in Hobart in 1903 the control of the Tattersall’s empire was taken over by his heirs. Well into the twenty-first century, with its headquarters now in Melbourne, Tattersall’s continues to be a household name and must be regarded as one of the most phenomenal business successes in Australian history.

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