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San Francisco Arts & Athletics Inc.

[GAY GAMES]. Gay Newsletter Vol. 1, No. 10, August 1982

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San Francisco : San Francisco Arts & Athletics Inc., 1982. Newsletter, pp. [4], folded sheet, illustrated in black and white, stamped and mailed as issued, with the word ‘Olympic’ redacted at multiple points.

The inaugural Gay Olympic Games was held in San Francisco in August 1982, with Tina Turner performing at the Opening Ceremony. Three weeks prior to the Opening, the United States Olympic Committee filed a law suit against the San Francisco Arts & Athletics Inc., organisers of the Games, for the unauthorised use of the word ‘Olympic’, forcing the redaction of the word in marketing and merchandise, including this contemporary newsletter from the organisers. The event was rebranded the Gay Games and has been held every four years since 1982, rotating between host cities.

A most interesting contemporary newsletter from the controversy surrounding the Gay Olympic Games. It includes information about the games and events, and a form to be submitted offering to host visiting athletes in housing from the local gay community.