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[MILK, Harvey 1930 - 1978)

Gay vote. News from the San Francisco Gay Democratic Club

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San Francisco : the Club, 1978 – 79. A collection of 13 issues of a highly significant periodical in the gay civil rights movement, commencing with vol. 1 no. 2. Each issue pp. 4, illustrated, in fine condition, unfolded and unposted. The first issues are subtitled News from the San Francisco Gay Democratic Club, and following the assassination of Harvey Milk (one of the Club’s founders) in November 1978, the newsletter is renamed News from the Harvey Milk Gay Democratic Club (from November 1983 it was rebranded as News from the Harvey Milk Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club).

This series of newsletters provides primary documentation of the social, political and legal issues facing San Francisco’s gay and lesbian community during a most turbulent period of political activism. From the election and assassination of Milk, this concise run of periodicals documents the fractious relationship between the police and gay community, the eruption of violence and desperate attempts from public officials to quell the public uprising.

The Club is still active and is the largest democratic club in San Francisco. Reflecting the inclusive nature of the membership, it is now named The Harvey Milk Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Democratic Club.