# 28431

BAUER, Carl Johann Sigmund, (1780-1857)

[GLOBE; TASMANIA]. The world with ist [sic] inhabitants.

$6,600.00 AUD

Nuremberg : Bauer, c. 1830. Original card box with marbled paper sides measuring 60 x 52 x 54 mm, the engraved paper label on lid with title (mis-spelling ‘its’ as ‘ist’) and images of inhabitants from four continents, containing an original miniature terrestrial globe and folding paper concertina of vignettes of the races of the world. Globe measures 1¾ inches (45mm) in diameter, consisting of twelve paper gores applied to plaster sphere, signed ‘MCB’ (the firm of Bauer), concertina measures 55 x 1200 mm with twenty-eight hand-coloured figures of ethnicities titled in a Germanicized form of English. The vignettes portray men from the four corners of the globe including an ‘Englischman’, Greenlander, Arabian, Canadian and Patagonian. There are also a ‘Friendchaps Islander’ (Tongan), ‘Marguesas Islander’ (Marquesas Islander), ‘Van Diemenslander’ (Tasmanian) and ‘New Batave’ (native of New Holland). Each example of Bauer’s miniature globe has a different configuration of figures, and Pacific Islanders are uncommon. ‘N South Wales’ is marked on the coast of New Holland, and the Navigation, Friendly and Sandwich Islands also captioned. A fine example of a fragile cartographic toy for children.

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