# 20924

MOSER, Barry (1940 - )

Gold rush. Twenty-five wood engravings by Barry Moser on a theme of the discovery and mining of gold in America, Africa and Australia.

$1,250.00 AUD

With a note on those prints by the artist. Los Angeles : Arundel Press, 1985. Folio, gilt lettered black cloth clamshell box, 7 leaves text; 25 original wood engravings each hand-signed by the artist. Printed for the Arundel Press by Harold McGrath at the Hampshire Typothetae in West Hatfield, Massachusetts on Rives BFK. Limited to 350 copies signed by the artist.

Three of the plates depict gold mining: plate 5, Rocky River (a scene at Mount Morgan in Queensland); plate 20, Bathurst, Australia, and plate 21, Ballarat, Australia. Barry Moser is a well respected printmaker and book illustrator in the United States.

A single example recorded in Australian collections (SLNSW).