# 20661


Handwritten invitation to a party in Kure, Japan, during Australian military occupation, 1948.

$75.00 AUD

The YWCA of Kure invite you to a Japanese afternoon on Sat 20 Nov 3.00 to 4.30 pm. This Function is part of our YWCA world fellowship week. Japanese paper with woodblock printed decoration, 235 x 115mm, with manuscript invitation in English (to Mrs Argyle), written vertically and initialed in Japanese characters at the foot; folded in the Japanese manner; fine condition.

Unique and ephemeral item from the period of Australian occupation of Japan following surrender.

The Australian forces formed the bulk of the British Commonwealth Occupation Force stationed in Japan to assist in reconstruction between 1946 and 1952. Kure, located close to Hiroshima, was Japan’s main port, and the city served as the BCOF headquarters. This invitation, which borrows the Japanese style, was possibly for the wife of an Australian officer.