# 42721

CRAWFORD, Marian (1955 - ); BRENNAN, Angela (1960 - )

Haunts hantise haunting 2021

$1,100.00 AUD

[Melbourne : the artists], 2021. Artist’s book, 27 x 16.8 cm (closed), printed letterpress and relief. Published by the artists in an edition of 14 signed and numbered copies, this is number 6.

‘Drawing on shapes that echo across centuries – the vase or amphora, and in more contemporary times – the decorative patterns found in fabric stores, this artist book employs strategies of repetition and re-surfacing. Images repeat across its pages, as patterns come together to make new versions of themselves in contemporary incarnations of familiar forms. The printed texts read: ‘What is such an obsession? It is something or someone that always comes back, survives everything, reappears at intervals, and expresses a truth concerning an original state of affairs. It is something or someone that one cannot forget, and yet is impossible to recognize clearly.’ (Georges Didi-Huberman The Surviving Image, Phantoms of Time and Time of Phantoms, Aby Warburg’s History of Art Pennsylvania: The University of Pennsylvania Press 2017 (originally published in French in 2002). p 13.) Haunts Hantise Haunting was made in response to conversations with Angela Brennan (who is represented by Niagara Galleries).’ – Marian Crawford