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FORBES, David W.

Hawaiian National Bibliography 1780-1900 (complete four volume set)

$220.00 AUD

Volume I: 1780-1830. Volume II: 1831-1850. Volume III: 1851-1880. Volume IV: 1881- 1900. Sydney : Hordern House and Honolulu : University of Hawaii Press, 1999-2003.

Quarto (250 x 205 mm.), four volumes, printed in black and red, bound in fine-weave green cloth. The complete set, as new condition.

“The long-awaited bibliography of Hawaiiana, many years in the making. This first volume deals with the earliest period of European discovery of the Hawaiian Islands, and rewrites much of the bibliography of Cook, La Pérouse, and many other voyagers. The first printing in the Islands is covered in this volume, as is the coming of the missionaries, and the development of a political history.

The second volume covers the period during which the Hawaiian monarchical form of government was established and its sovereignty became recognised internationally. Also recorded is the passing of the Hawaiian Bill of Rights, and the establishment of a legislative form of government by which the voice of the people was heard for the first time. Great attention has been given to the listing of all Hawaiian government documents in the form that they appeared. Many of these were first published as broadsides; some were offprints from the government newspaper, the Polynesian.

The third volume is devoted to a period which saw the creation of the constitutional monarchy in alignment with the 1864 constitution of Kamehameha V. It also saw the decline of the whaling industry, replaced by sugar, a move which ultimately resulted in the reciprocity treaty with the United States in 1875.

The fourth and final volume covers the years 1881-1900 which were without a doubt the most politically charged, unstable and volatile period in Hawaiian history. While reciprocity agreements with the United States had resulted in prosperity, sugar politics and the interests of Island businessmen were pitted against a monarch desirous of extending his power beyond the constraints of a constitutional monarchy.

Extensive annotations provide a summary of the published works in the bibliography. All known editions of each work are listed, together with the exact title, date of publication, size of the volume, collation of pages, number and type of plates and maps, references, and location of copies. Extensive well-informed notes describe the significance of each work.” – the publisher