# 20917

Photographer unknown.

Immigrants disembarking from T.S.S. Paparoa at Brisbane, November 1914.

Silver gelatin photograph printed on card stock, 86 x 140 mm, verso inscribed in ink: ‘T.S.S. Paparoa, Brisbane, Nov. 1914. Emigrants disembarking at Brisbane. A rather poor one by the C/O [Chief Officer]’, with indecipherable signature bottom right; fine condition.

T.S.S. Paparoa was a cargo and passenger vessel owned by the Australasian Union Steamship Company. Launched in 1899, she caught fire and sank in the Indian Ocean on 17 March 1926.

The following notice appeared in the Brisbane Telegraph, 3 November 1914:

‘IMMIGRANTS FOR QUEENSLAND. 462 on Steamer Paparoa. The Chief Secretary (Hon. D. F. Denham) has been advised by the Agent-General (Sir Thomas Robinson. K.C.M.G.), that the steamer Paparoa which left London on 15th September has on board 462 Government immigrants for Queensland, classified as follows: Nominated 317, assisted 134, domestics 12, full payers 16, Friend of the Poor 1, church army lads 13. They comprise 56 married men, 84 married women, 127 single men, 71 single women, and 121 children. Their nationalities are : English 321, Scotch 70, Irish 55, other European nationalities 10. Their destinations are: Brisbane 333, Hervey Bay 22, Rockhampton 28, Mackay 23, Bowen 1, Townsville 23, Lucinda Point 19, Innisfail 5, Cairns 14, Port Douglas 3.’

A report in the Cairns Northern Herald, 6 November 1914, reported one of the newly-arrived immigrants as saying: “Thank goodness we did not see any signs of that hateful German flag from the time we left London till we reached your port. Our Empire has too many warships guarding the seas to prevent its mercantile marine being interfered with.”