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Imprisoned American seamen. Letter from the Secretary of the Navy, transmitting Correspondence relative to the visit of the “Preble” to the port of Nangasacki [Nagasaki], for the purpose of demanding imprisoned American seamen. August 28, 1850.

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[Japan] : House of Representatives, 31st Congress, 1st Session. Ex. Doc. No. 84, [1850]. Octavo (225 mm), recent half black calf; pp. 44; a fine copy.

In August 1848, the American whaler Lagoda was shipwrecked off Hokkaido. The 15 surviving crew were detained and taken to Nagasaki. Commander James Glynn, in the USS Preble, was dispatched to Nagasaki charged with the task of obtaining the men’s release, which he duly succeeded in doing.