# 20236

FRIES, Lorenz

India Orientalis

$4,500.00 AUD

Lyon : M. Servetus, 1535. Woodcut map, 315 x 430 mm, central crease as issued, a fine copy. The woodcut vignette lower right shows cannibals beheading a human on the island of Angama. With old backing card to which is pasted original sales invoice from Maggs Bros, London, dated 1952.

“This is the first printed map of European origin devoted to Southeast Asia and its islands, and as such is a cartographical landmark, codifying the recognition of Southeast Asia as a distinct entity” (Suarez). The map is one of three original new maps added to Fries’ edition of Ptolemy. First published in 1522, a second edition followed in 1525 and this is the third of 1535.

‘Plate [42] from: Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini Geographicae enarrationis libri octo / ex Bilibaldi Pirckeymheri tralatione, sed ad Graeca & prisca exemplaria à Michaële Villanovano iam primum recogniti ; adiecta insuper ab eodem scholia, quibus exoleta urbium nomina ad nostri seculi more[m] exponuntur ; quinquaginta illae quoque cum veterum tum recentium tabulae adnectuntur, variiq[ue] incolentium ritus & mores explicantur.’ (National Library of Australia).

Reference : Suarez. Early Mapping of Southeast Asia, pp. 114-118, fig. 62 (1522 ed.)

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