# 18467

BRY, Johann Theodor de; Johann ISRAEL (illustrator)

Indiae orientalis (Small Voyages), Parts IV-XI.

$175,000.00 AUD

The first Latin editions of Parts IV-XI (eight parts in two volumes) of one of the most important collections of voyages published in the Age of Discovery, primarily devoted to the exploration of the East Indies and containing 140 engraved plates and maps illustrating voyages to the Spice Islands, India, Africa and North America. The present volumes not only include Part XI – a great rarity in itself – but they are also rendered even more valuable by the fact that they are purged copies which provide us with tangible evidence on how de Bry’s work was censored by the Spanish Inquisition. The preliminaries of both volumes have annotations by various Spanish inquisitorial censors, including Pedro de Fonseca, made between 1632 and 1707, stating that the volumes have been corrected in accordance with the Expurgatory Index. (De Bry was a Protestant who was forced to flee his native Spanish-controlled Southern Netherlands; books on the Expurgatory Index could be sold to Catholics in the Iberian monarchies subject to the censoring of certain passages or other details). All of the parts in these volumes have some passages struck out, and the title page to Part IX was also removed by the censors. Any depiction or discussion of cannibalism was a prime target for purgation, while passages which alluded to a preference for commerce over religion were also deleted. German editions of de Bry, which were unlikely to find their way to southern Europe, were spared from censorship, whereas copies of the Latin editions were more likely to be examined by the Iberian inquisitors. For a thorough examination of the reasons for and ways in which de Bry’s work was purged by the Inquisitorial authorities, see van Groessen, M. (2007). The De Bry collection of voyages (1590-1634) : editorial strategy and the representations of the overseas world (Doctoral dissertation, University of Amsterdam).

Frankfurt am Main : Matthaeus Becker, 1601-1613 ; Oppenheim, Typis Hieronymi Galleri, 1619. Eight parts in two volumes, small folio, contemporary limp vellum, spines with early manuscript titles in ink; all edges stained red; occasional browning, but very good condition throughout both volumes; collations agree with those of Church for the first Latin editions of Parts IV-XI.

Part IV, Pars Quarta Indiae Orientalis… , 1601. First edition. Twenty-one plates. Continuation (from Part III) of Linschoten and Houtman’s voyages, and the voyage of Jacob van Neck and Wybrandt van Warwijck to the East Indies in 1598-99. Church 211.

Part V, Quinta Pars Indiae Orientalis…, 1601. Only edition, first issue. Twenty plates. Continuation of van Neck and van Warwijck narrative, and the establishment of Dutch power in Bantam; Malay word-list. Church 212.

Part VI, Indiae Orientalis Pars VI.. ., 1604. Only edition, first issue. Twenty-six plates. Early voyages to Guinea by the Portuguese, Dutch, and French, and the establishment of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Church 213.

Part VII, Indiae Orientalis Pars Septima. .., 1606. Only edition, first issue. Twenty-two plates. Joris von Spilbergen’s voyage to Ceylon in 1601-4; Balbi’s voyage to Pegu in 1579-88. This part is principally devoted to India and Ceylon, and includes a double-page plate of Kandy and double-page map of Ceylon; plate XI partially excised by censor. Church 216.

Part VIII, Indiae Orientalis Pars Octava.. , 1607. Only edition, first issue. Eighteen plates. Dutch voyages to the East Indies, 1600-6, including visits to China and the Spice Islands. The plates include a double-page plate of Macao. Church 218.

Part IX, Indiae Orientalis Pars Nona… , 1612. First edition, first issue. Seventeen plates. Title page removed by censors and with title from another work supplied by early owner. Supplementary title to the extra plates section with world map. This part contains a narrative of the voyage of Willemsz to the Spice Islands and his campaign to seize them from the Portuguese. Church 221.

Part X, Indiae Orientalis Pars X.. ., 1613. First edition. Three plates and three maps. The first section contains one of the first published accounts of Hudson Bay, and includes the map showing Henry Hudson’s explorations. The second section describes Linschoten’s voyages to the north. The third section describes the discovery by De Quiros of a supposed new continent, Terra Australis Incognita. Church 222.

Part XI. Indiae Orientalis Pars Undecima. Oppenheim, 1619. Only edition. Title with engraved vignette. Ten plates. This part contains three narratives: 1. The relation of the third and fourth voyages of Vesputius to America; 2. An account of Robert Coverte’s travels by land through Persia and Mongolia after his shipwreck off Surat; 3. A geographical description of Spitzbergen, with the journal of the voyage of Willem Barentsz and Jan Corneliszoon Rijp in 1596. This copy contains the rare plate VII of a woman being carried in state to be burned with the body of her husband. This is often replaced by the plate in which she is represented as throwing herself into the funeral pyre.