# 40634

PERCEVAL, John 1923-2000

John Perceval : autograph letter signed, to Thomas and Pauline Sanders, 1974

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John Peceval to Thomas & Pauline Sanders, holograph letter on 5 sheets of quarto writing paper, in Perceval’s distinctive, extravagant hand, dated 25th June 1974, accompanied by the original airmail envelope with the Sanders’ Japanese address and Perceval’s return address of 38 Wentworth Ave 3126 [Canterbury, Melbourne], complete and fine. An informal and chatty letter to close personal friends which mentions Melbourne identity Kevin Dennis, a.k.a. Dennis Gowing, the used car salesman, restaurateur and art collector who is known to have bought entire exhibitions of Perceval’s work; there are also references to Clifton Pugh, gallery owner Marianne Baillieu and art collectors Kate Hattam and Allan Wynn.

‘… I haven’t sold a painting since you left … I bought a home unit by accident – My mother phoned up from Tas to say she’s fed up with her defacto and Tasmania so I bought her the home-unit to live in Melbourne and then she changed her mind! Said she couldn’t remember the conversation. What does one do with a spare home unit? I had made all arrangements to ship my V.W. over along with my assistant – we were going to bring her back with her most valuables. So I’ll make it a painting trip. Went to an evening with Tom’s friend Marianne Baillieu and who should turn up later to recite some of his own poetry but Allan Wynn! He used to be a heart specialist which brings me to Kate Hattam who is very sick with heart trouble and also of course you will know about Cliff P. who also had a heart attack in Bali, last I heard he was back in the Mercy. Went to see Kevin Dennis on his farm. He drove us all over between the cows and horses in his Jaguar, he apologised for not taking us in the Rolls. His farm is extensive, worth 3/4 of a million not counting live stock, for all that it’s rather boring it is so clinical & immaculate. I think he’s trying to sell my painting .. but of course he can’t because he would look silly. I shouldn’t say nasty things – he is my friend … We decided to “up-date” our house and we are putting [in] a lot of new light fittings, you can see them for yourself when you come over for a game of euchre. I’ll tell Tom he has nothing to fear when I have a “trip” as he called it, if only he keeps out of the way!! … Best wishes from Perceval’.