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WEBB, Vivienne et al.

Les Sauvages de la Mer Pacifique manufactured by Joseph Dufour et cie 1804-05 after a design by Jean-Gabriel Charvet.

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Canberra : National Gallery of Australia, 2000. Quarto, illustrated gatefold wrappers, pp. 48, illustrated.

“In 1983 the National Gallery of Australia acquired the panoramic wallpaper Les sauvages de la mer Pacifique. Depicting a compilation of nineteenth-century French and English voyages of discovery in the Pacific, and including Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia, it was the first example of the wallpaper to find a home in Australia. Produced in France by Joseph Dufour et cie from a design by Jean-Gabriel Charvet, it represents not only a visual treat, but also a glimpse of the New World from a nineteenth-century perspective and a window into the technology of its era … A combination of woodblock, stencils and handpainting, it was created in twenty strips that could be hung in different combinations to create different widths …” — Foreword.