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Letts’s map of Eastern Sudan, showing the approaches to Khartum.

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Price 1s. [Drop title]. London : Letts, Son & Co. Ltd., 33 King William Street, London Bridge, [January, 1885]. Third edition. Colour map titled ‘Map of part of Eastern Sudan, Kordofan, Abyssinia, &c., From the Latest Surveys and Explorations’, 500 x 600 mm (sheet 590 x 700 mm), folding to 200 x 100 mm, with the publisher’s printed title to front panel; the map has a few short tears at the junctions of the main folds, but is otherwise in superb condition.

This is the third edition of a scarce map produced for a jingoistic British public during the Mahdist War. (The first edition was published in April, 1884). It was published in between the first and second Suakin Expeditions. The following Letts advertisement appeared in the Publishers’ Circular, 16 February 1885:

Letts’s War Maps. All the Maps mentioned below are selling very fast just now. They are compiled with the greatest care from the Maps issued by the Intelligence Department of the War Office and from various official plans and documents.

LETTS’S MAP OF THE COUNTRY ROUND KHARTUM, on a very large scale, extending about 100 miles north and 50 miles south, east, and west of the town. All places are carefully laid down and named, and the hills and physical features appear, together with all towns and villages along the Nile. A large detailed plan of the town of Khartum is given, with the fortifications. Size, 29 inches by 20. Scale, 6 miles to an inch. Price, in sheet, beautifully printed in colors, 1/-. On linen, in case, 2/6.

Letts’s large scale Map of the Eastern Sudan, showing the APPROACHES TO KHARTUM, both from the Nile and Suakim, marking sites of all recent battles, with routes, wells, villages, and names of tribes. Size, 25 inches by 23. Folded, 1/-. On linen, in case, 2/6.

LETTS’S GENERAL MAP OF THE SUDAN, giving the whole country between Alexandria and Khartum, with all names and topographical detail. Second edition, thoroughly revised, and containing an inset map extending from England to India. Size, 22 inches by 29. Folded, in case, 1/-.

Letts’s Bird’s Eye View of the Sudan, giving in a perspective view the whole course of the Nile up to Khartum. The natural features of the country appear at a glance, and names of tribes are given. Printed in colors. Size 19 by 22 inches. Folded, 6d. Boxes of Flags, containing 1 dozen each British, and Rebel Flags, for marking War Maps. 6d per box.