# 15169

Sánchez, Alonso, SJ, 1547-1593

[MANUSCRIPT] Razonamiento que el P[adr]e Alonso Sanchez … hizo en vna Real Junta sobre el derecho con q[ue] su M[agestad] esta y proçede en las Philipinas.

[TOGETHER WITH] Summario de las respuestas de el Pre’ Alonso Sanchez … … [AND] La inteligençia y estima que se debe tener de la obra de las yndias … … [18th century copy of a work originally written c. 1588]. Fols 32-43 and fols 44-54 from a larger work, manuscript in ink in a fine secretarial hand; bound in 2 volumes, quarto, modern marbled papered boards, leather title labels lettered in gilt; ex libris of H.P. Kraus to pastedowns.

Three items copied, probably in the eighteenth century, from the voluminous writings of this very prominent Jesuit who went to the Philippines with the first Jesuit mission in 1581. The first  (fols 32-39) presents his views on the legitimacy of the Spanish occupation of the Philippines. This was a matter of great debate in the Philippines, discussed at length in the 1582 Synod of Manila. The second (fols 39-43) is a response to the Dominican Juan Volante who opposed sending a major military expedition to convert China, which Sánchez had proposed, and the third (fols 44-54) is a general assessment of the Philippines.

The writings of Sánchez came to Pedro Chirino, SJ, in Salamanca, who incorporated the above in his Historia, I, 20, but this was not published until 2010 (ed. Górriz, Barcelona, 2000). The material of the texts in the first and third of these manuscripts were published (partly paraphrased) in Colín, Labor evangelica, Barcelona, 1900-04, I, 376-386 and I, 542-557; and selections from the second by Martínez, Cuadernos de Historia Moderna, 38 (2003), Anejo II, 11-38.