# 15174

Garcia, Jacinto

[MANUSCRIPT] Letter from Padre Jacinto Garcia to Padre Geronimo Guerreras of the Society of Jesus in Madrid, concerning the Chinese Mission.

Manila, 29 May, 1685. Autograph letter signed. Folio, 1 page, rice paper, manuscript in ink, in Spanish (outer margin damaged); loose in a cloth portfolio.


‘I received your letter [of] last year … and was comforted to have your good news … It seems that you commended your letter to the care of an Angel, as it was the only one to arrive intact … and makes me apprehensive, for although Father Antonio Xaramillo has sent many letters to that holy Province and to the Duchess de Aveiro, he has not had a single letter from our people or you, which gives him no little anxiety … I have nothing to add to my letter of last year with regard to the Marianas, as [we have] not since heard from the Padres of that Mission. We have had good news this year [1685] from the Missionaries in China, who say that the Chinese Emperor has done them many favours, and is well-disposed towards the Mission, which is steadily progressing day by day. The death has occurred of the Bishop, Padre Francisco Palu, he who was at that Court after being sent over from these Islands [the Philippines]. His death has created no little stir amongst the apostolic Vicars.’ (Maggs Bros., 1923)