# 22259

GRUNDEMANN, Reinhold (1836-1924)

[MAP] Missions-Weltkarte zur Übersicht sämmtlicher evangelischen Missions-Gebiete,

entworfen und gezeichnet von Dr R. Grundemann, Hilfsprediger (Herbst 1862). Zu haben in den Missionshäusern zu Barmen, Basel, Berlin, Hermannsburg und Leipzig. Im Buchhandel bei H. Petersen in Halle. Der Reinertrag ist zum Besten der Mission bestimmt. Die Ausgabe in andern Sprachen ist vorbehalten. Leipzig : Geographisch-Lithographisches Institut H. Kunsch, [1862 or 1863]. First edition. Lithographed map with hand colouring, 1050 x 2020 mm (sheet), dissected into [24] sections and laid on linen; inset at lower left ‘Verzeichnis der Missions-Gesellschaften und ihrer Arbeitsfelder’, a key comprising a comprehensive numbered list of mission societies worldwide, including German, English, American, Dutch, French and ‘non-European’ societies, the latter group including the Chinese Mission Society (Melbourne, Australia), the New Zealand Mission Society (Auckland), the Hawaiian Mission Society (Honolulu), and the Verein für innere und äußere Mission in Batavia (Java); on every continent mission stations are marked with a number (and sometimes with a name) corresponding to this key; the tracks of numerous significant mission vessels are also indicated; at lower right are a key to the colour-coding on the map and list of abbreviations; a fine example.

Shown on this rare and extremely large format map are the missions to the Australian Aborigines at Ebenezer and Ramahyuck (Victoria), Poonindie (South Australia), Zion Hill (near Moreton Bay), the Wesleyan Methodist and Society for the Propagation of the Gospel missions in both New South Wales and at Swan River (Western Australia), as well as the Chinese Mission Society in Melbourne. In the Western Pacific, the tracks of the mission ships Morning Star, Southern Cross and John Knox are also marked.

OCLC locates only 3 copies of this first edition (all in German or Swiss libraries). Unrecorded in Australian collections.