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[MAP; WIMMERA] Booroopki, County of Lowan

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Photo-lithographed at the Department of Lands and Survey, Melbourne, by W. J. Butson, 7.7.14. Lithographed map, single sheet, 675 x 400 mm, folding to 280 x 102 mm; manuscript title to front ‘Booroopki’; a couple of short tears at junctions of the folds, otherwise very good.

Pre-World War One map showing land subdivisions (with owners’ names) in the Parish of Booroopki in the West Wimmera, bounded by Minimay to the north, Bringalbart (Bringalbert) and Jallakin to the south, Tallageira and Neuarpur to the west, and Morea to the east. A manuscript annotation in red ink records the recent acquisition of several lots by E. J. Patton from E. M. Hamilton and A. and P. Wilson in the far southeastern corner on the boundary with Jallakin.

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