# 20705

SHARP, Martin, 1942-2013 (artist); [RAWLINS, Adrian, 1939-2001]

Mr. Fogg’s Music Hall Proudly Presents Adrian, the Cabaret.

$100.00 AUD

Bellevue Hill / Paddington, NSW : Roger Foley, 2002. Poster, sheet 295 x 210 mm, printed on heavy stock, announcing a variety evening in memory of bohemian poet, performer and promoter Adrian Rawlins at the Church Hall, Paddington Markets; performers include Jeannie Lewis and Steve Blau, Edwina Blush, Austen Tayshus, Ellis D. Fogg, Kavisha Mazzella, Nicolas Lyon, Alistair Jones and Jim Anderson; fine condition.

Copies are recorded in the National Library of Australia and the State Library of New South Wales.