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"ARIEL" [PAYNE, Buckner H.]

The negro : what is his ethnological status? Is he the progeny of Ham? Is he a descendant of Adam and Eve? Has he a soul? Or is he a beast in God’s nomenclature? What is his status as fixed by God in creation? What is his relation to the white race?

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Cincinnati : Published for the Proprietor, 1867. Second edition. Octavo, original printed green wrappers, 48 pp; a near fine copy.

Colonel Buckner H. Payne (1799-1889) was an American clergyman, publisher and racist pamphleteer. Under the pseudonym of Ariel, Payne authored a racist pamphlet, offering a counter-argument to the Curse of Ham, suggesting instead that blacks did not descend from Ham (and thus not from Adam and Eve) – with the implication that they do not possess a soul.