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ed. 箕作省吾 [Mitsukuri Shōgo]

新製 輿地全圖 [Shinsei yochi zenzu] [Newly-produced Map of the World]

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[Japan] : [s.n.], Kōka 1 [1844]. Scroll housed in modern box, 1365 x 347 mm, silverfishing repaired with Japanese tissure throughout. Shows eastern and western hemispheres with preface by 大槻盤溪 [Ōtsuki Bankei] (1801-78), a Confucian scholar and the instructor of the western gunnery at the Sendai Domain. Following the map is a legend written by 箕作省吾 [Mitsukuri Shōgo] (1821-47), publisher of 坤輿圖式 [Kon’yo Zushiki] [Illustrations of the Earth] in 1845, the first book on the world geography in Japan. The legend states this map was based on the 1835 publication by an unidentified French cartographer.

Australia is labelled both as “New Holland” and “Australia”, with only New South Wales of the states labelled

Carved by 竹口貞齋 [Takeguchi Teisai] and 杉田祐 [Sugita Yūsai].

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