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HOSIE, Sir Alexander (1853 - 1925)

Philips’ commercial map of China

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With index. London : George Philip & Son, circa 1930. Quarto, lettered cloth (marked),marbled endpapers, detailed 8 page index, very large folding map, printed in colour dissected into 35 panels and laid on linen, overall dimensions 1670 x 1145 mm, inset map of Sinkiang, Peking – Tsinan District and Shanghai – Nanking District, shipping routes marked, extensive captions of industries and resources, caravan routes, ports etc.

First published in 1922, this edition was printed after the death of Alexander Hosie (1925) and prior to the second world war. It lacks the printed date of the post-war 1948 edition. A magnificent large format library map of China during the Nationalist period.