# 22211


Port Phillip District land sale document for purchase of an allotment in Warrnambool by Elizabeth Lane, dated 30 March 1848. Signed by Charles Augustus FitzRoy, Governor of New South Wales.

$400.00 AUD

Deed of conveyance printed on parchment, folio (345 x 430 mm), with manuscript entries written in a fine clerical hand; dated 30 March 1848, the document records the “grant by purchase” from the Government of New South Wales of an allotment of land in Warrnambool by one Elizabeth Lane for the sum of £26; the land comprised 2 roods (half an acre) on the southwest corner of Banyan and Timor Streets (a prime location today!); with the signature of Charles Augustus FitzRoy at the foot and the Crown seal of the Colony of New South Wales affixed; verso with record of entry of the document into the Register No. 2 of Town Purchases, Port Phillip District, Folio 132, in the Surveyor-General’s Office, Sydney, 3 July 1848; original folds, in fine condition.

The Warrnambool allotment purchased by Elizabeth Lane was one of hundreds that had been made available to colonists by the Government of New South Wales in a sale by auction held on the 8 December at Brodie’s auction rooms in Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. The auction results were published in full in The Melbourne Argus on 21 January 1848.