# 17231


[QUEENSLAND] Little people in other lands alphabet.

$500.00 AUD

London : A. Brown & Sons, Ltd., 5, Farringdon Avenue, E.C. and at Hull and York, [between 1890 and 1900]. Complete set of 26 large format alphabet cards, each 225 x 190 mm, chromolithograph printed on thin board, each with an upper and lower case version of a letter and an illustration of a young person representing a country or region corresponding to that letter (sometimes the correspondences are tenuous!); among the places depicted are Queensland (a young boy on a horse cracking a stockwhip), Ohio (a boy in black face playing a banjo), South Africa (K for Kaffirs), and North America (R for Red Indian); the cards were designed to be hung in the classroom, and each has two small punch holes at the top edge for this purpose; the card S for Switzerland is water stained, and A for Arabia has a small mark at one edge; some occasional rubbing or light scratches, otherwise the set is in very good condition.

A rare survivor from the nineteenth century schoolroom. The only other set of the Little people in other lands alphabet we can trace is held in the Museum of the History of Education, University of Leeds.