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[SAMOA] O le fa’atonu o Amerika Samoa. Vaega XV, numera 6, Iuni 1917.

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Pago-Pago : Government of American Samoa, 1917. Volume XV, number 6, June 1917. Folio newspaper, 4 pp, illustrated masthead, text printed in two columns, in Samoan and English; original folds, a fine copy.

O le fa’atonu was the official organ of the Government of American Samoa. It commenced publication in 1903. About half of the scarce complete issue we offer here is devoted to the transcript of President Woodrow Wilson’s address to the People made on April 15, 1917, following America’s entry into the Great War. It also contains a short article on the arrival of the USS Ajax at Tutuila and the dance given by her Filipino crew, as well as an account of the successful transfer of the German steamer Elsass to Honolulu under the escort of Ajax. For its voyage to Hawaii, the Elsass was manned by a crew that comprised American naval officers and ratings, merchant seamen from the Oceanic steamers Sierra and Sonoma, and native Samoans. The entire crew is listed by name and rank. At the foot of the last page are fiscal statements for various funds, including the Samoan Hospital Fund, and rainfall statistics for the islands for the month of May 1917.