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GARSON, Marvin et al.

San Francisco Express Times. Vol. 1, Nos. 1 – 49 (Jan. 26 – Dec. 24, 1968); Vol. 2, Nos. 1 – 12 (Jan. 7 – Mar. 25, 1969). Complete run, plus seven issues of it’s successor, Good Times

$1,500.00 AUD

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San Francisco: Trystero Co., 1968 – 1969. Complete run of the underground newspaper under the title San Francisco Express Times (49 issues from 1968 and 12 issues from 1969), plus the first seven issues published under the new title Good Times; various pagination, 41 x 30 cms, folded tabloid newspaper format, all evenly and lightly toned, most with address labels on front wraps, No. 49 lightly foxed along top edge, else generally very good condition.

San Francisco’s seminal underground paper, which ran from January 24, 1968, to March 25, 1969, after which the name changed later to S.F. Good Times and continued publication until August 2, 1972.

The San Francisco Express Times was founded by Marvin Garson and Bob Novick, Garson was a graduate of the University of California and a veteran of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, where he edited an FSM newsletter, Wooden Shoe, along with his wife Barbara Garson.

‘The Express Times featured a weekly cooking column, 30 Recipes Suitable for Framing, written by Alice Waters and illustrated by David Lance Goines.[5] Regular contributors included Todd Gitlin, Greil Marcus, Paul Williams, Sandy Darlington, and Marjorie Heins. Catherine Yronwode, later known for her work in the comics industry, co-wrote a weekly astrology column for the Express Times. Staff photographers were Jeffrey Blankfort, followed by Nacio Jan Brown and Robert Altman. Cartoons and illustrations were provided by Jaxon, the syndicated editorial cartoons of Ron Cobb, and Sharon Rudahl.

During the year of its existence, highlights included extensive on-the-scene coverage of student rioting and the prolonged strike at San Francisco State University, and Lenny Heller’s serialized novel of guerrilla warfare in the United States, Berkeley Guns.

In December 1968 editor Marvin Garson spent 20 days in jail in Chicago as a result of his participation as a journalist in a police and protester skirmish during the Democratic National Convention in August. Documents released under the Freedom of Information Act show that the Express Times was one of a number of underground newspapers successfully infiltrated by the FBI, which had a paid informant on the staff.’ – Wikipedia