# 22147

BUCKLEY, Jim & PHILLIPS, Mary (publishers); GOLDSTEIN, Al (executive editor)

Screw. (Volume 1, Issues 1-3)

$1,200.00 AUD

New York, NY : Screw (Jim Buckley and Mary Phillips), 1968-69. Volume 1, Issue 1, 19 November 1968; Volume 1, Issue 2, 21 December 1968; Volume 1, Issue 3, 24 January 1969. Three unbound issues, folio newspaper, 420 x 290 mm, pp 12, photographic illustrations; each with a neat horizontal fold, as issued; very well preserved examples of the first three issues of this groundbreaking pornographic tabloid, which pre-dated Europe’s first sex newspaper, Suck (co-founded by Germaine Greer) by some 4 years.

Screw was an American pornographic tabloid newspaper – with a sharp, “liberal” political edge – aimed at heterosexual men. Initially it was published roughly monthly by Mary Phillips and Jim Buckley (who edited the short-lived “sister” tabloid Gay). The first issue appeared in November 1968. At its peak, Screw sold 140,000 copies a week. The magazine closed in October 2003.

The first issue features articles such as “How to Buy Sex Books”, “Exposing a Fake Vagina”, “Screw Reviews a Beaver Film”, etc. The 2nd issue features articles called “Do Playmates Have Hairless Bodies?”, “Is Andy Warhol a Pimp?”, “Can a Sex Addict Find Love” and “Does a Sex Change Stand a Chance?”. And the 3rd issue contains “Sex Screen Survey”, “A Hustler Pimps for Andy Warhol”, “Hot Books Spotlighted”, “Is Playboy Castrated?”, “The Cause and Cure of Heterosexuality”, and “A Sex Addict Spills His Seed”.