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Washington, D.C. : United States Public Health Service, [1935]. Series: Sex Hygiene Pamphlets, no. 9. Duodecimo pamphlet, illustrated wrappers, stapled, 16 pp; contains information on venereal diseases, sexual reproduction, masturbation (the evils thereof), and control of the male sexual impulse; a good copy.

‘[The man’s] only means of affecting the racial stock of his country is by his physical fitness. By one false step he may infect the stock, topple over the hopes of fathers and mothers reaching back for thousands of years – generations, patiently building up sound bodies and minds – and blight the lives of distinct individuals of generations to come … Sex, uncontrolled, is disaster and wreck. Sex in control for men means Power’ (Inside front cover).

‘Do not destroy – when you have no further use for this pamphlet give it to some other man’ (Rear cover).