# 32584


Spotty Hairy Book I

$450.00 AUD

Artist’s book, linoprints, oil-based ink, Dutch etch paper, linen thread, greyboard, rice paper. 90 x 55 x 25 mm (when held in its box, variable when extended).

A creative artist’s book with animistic energy.

Exhibited : Firestation Print Studio Artists Book Prize 2020, item 14.

‘I trained and worked as a graphic designer (Queensland College of Art) working in publishing and advertising, prior to studying fine arts (Brisbane College of Education). My primary interests in the visual arts have been painting, drawing, printmaking, artist books and small sculptures. Through these mediums I have expressed that which is most significant to me. I have integrated these processes and sought to develop my work and exhibited on a regular basis for 30 years. A teaching practice with children and adults has occurred concurrently with my own practice. I am excited by drawing from life and am fascinated by the beauty of lines and shapes in the environments in which I move. Drawings are then translated into prints and artist books.’ – artist’s statement