# 36661

Photographer unknown.

Stereoscopic view of a private colonial residence with a bark roof. Possibly Sydney region, circa 1860.

$300.00 AUD

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Stereoscopic albumen print photograph, each image 72 x 79 mm (square format), on yellow mount 83 x 172 mm; verso blank; the surfaces of both prints are lightly rubbed, and the left-hand print has lost contrast at the left edge, while the right-hand print – which has the stronger definition of the pair – has a couple of minor scratches.

A very early Australian view of a private single-storey residence. The house has a distinctive construction, with a bark roof and an unusual partially enclosed return verandah. It appears to be in an isolated location, at the head of a creek or bay, sheltered by a hillside covered in bush. A small cleared area at the front of the house shows signs of cultivation.

This intriguing photograph possibly relates to a large group of 62 very early yet unattributed stereoscopic views of Sydney and environs held in the collection of the MAAS, Sydney. Not only are the square-cut prints and mount identical, but the unusual subject matter – a private residence, suggesting perhaps an amateur rather than commercial photographer – also corresponds with some images in the MAAS group. (See, for example, H9248-11 https://collection.maas.museum/object/255962 and H9248-9 https://collection.maas.museum/object/256021).