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PRINTZ, Neil; KING-NERO, Sally et al.

The Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné : volumes 1, 2A +2B, 3, 4, 5A + 5B (all published to date)

$5,500.00 AUD

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The complete catalogue raisonné of Andy Warhol: the first five volumes, all out of print, all published to date.

A matching set in new condition, and apart from the first volume, still sealed in the publisher’s shrink-wrap.

Volume 1 : Paintings and sculpture 1961-1963. London : Phaidon, 2002. Oblong quarto, boards in slipcase, pp. 512, 827 illustrations.

Volume 2A + 2B : Paintings and Sculptures 1964-1969. London : Phaidon, 2004. Oblong quarto, two volumes, boards in slipcase, pp. 850, 1590 illustrations.

Volume 3 : Paintings and Sculptures 1970 – 1974. London : Phaidon, 2010. Oblong quarto, boards in slipcase, pp. 572, 850 illustrations.

Volume 4 : Paintings and Sculptures late 1974 – 1976. London : Phaidon, 2014. Oblong quarto, boards in slipcase, pp. 608, 740 illustrations.

Volume 5A + 5B : Paintings and Sculptures 1976 – 1978. London : Phaidon, 2018. Oblong quarto, two volumes, boards in slipcase, pp. 822, 1497 illustrations. Presented in publisher’s cardboard box.

All five volumes are out of print. The publisher’s original retail prices were AUD $4,130 ($590; $1250; $695; $595; $1000 – price stickers still on the shrink-wrap).

‘The Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné is a scholarly project sponsored by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts to record the complete corpus of paintings, sculptures, and drawings that Warhol produced during four enormously productive and intensely inventive decades. The project was initiated in 1977 by the Swiss art dealer Thomas Ammann. In 1993, the Andy Warhol Foundation partnered with Thomas Ammann Fine Art to sponsor the project; in 2004, the Foundation assumed complete stewardship of the project.

For more than 25 years, the editors of the Catalogue Raisonné and a team of trained researchers have scoured the secondary literature, examined thousands of works of art, reviewed the artist’s archives and photographs, and interviewed assistants, colleagues, portrait sitters, and friends to elucidate Warhol’s materials, techniques, and artistic process. As the most comprehensive chronicle of Warhol’s painting career to date, and the first systematic study of his studio practices, the Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné is an indispensable resource for scholars, curators, collectors, and critics, as well as for students and ardent fans of his work.‘ – Andy Warhol Foundation

Volume 6 of the The Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné is currently in preparation. Collectors will be able to add to the first five volumes offered here with new volumes as they are published.

The opportunity to acquire the first five volumes, all out of print, in original new condition is rare.